PECoMaTo stands for Picture-Embedded COntents MAnipulation TOol.

It is basically designed to display any kind of information embedded in picture files, as well as checking, filtering, extracting, removing, adding and fixing such information. In other words, it's a metadata processor.

It supports the following file formats: JPEG/JFIF, Adobe PSD and FFO, raw IPTC. And it knows about the following metadata formats: JFIF, IPTC, Exif, Adobe and Fotostation. More file and metadata formats might be supported later (TIFF, Adobe-specific metadata including XMP, etc.).

It aims to be portable (see supported platforms below). One of its main goals is to check the validity of parsed metadata as well as optionally check the strict compliance to official standards. On another hand, it aims to provide ways of fixing broken or not compliant chunks as well as providing general basic functions to manipulate the metadata.


This program is subject to copyright. However you can copy, use and distribute it according to the GNU General Public License (GPL v3 or above). See the DISCLAIMER and LICENSE doc files for further information. It is free of charge, as well as open-source (the source is available, feel free to inspect it, adapt it to your needs and submit patches).

Supported platforms

PECoMaTo builds and runs on many x86, ppc, SPARC, ARM, 32bit and 64bit systems:



Documentation (latest release)


All screenshots below have been made with CVS version (post-0.0.13).

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